To add to the excitement of the big military camp in Germany that was blogged last week by Adrian Murdoch, there’s an additional site and first century B.C. finds. Look at those dates: Drusus’ German campaign.

The original announcement:

Bread and Circuses: Roman military camp at Olfen on the Lippe:

“Excitement is growing about the scale of the discovery of a military camp, in all liklihood from the end of the first century BC, along the River Lippe. It is being described as “the find of the century” by archaeologists for the Landschaftsverbandes Westfalen-Lippe (LWL).”

The additional site (with a map and a video):

Bread and Circuses: Roman supply camp found at Olfen on the Lippe:

“So far archaeologists have found pottery and more than 100 coins, a ditch around the camp and a wooden wall. The camp dates to the campaigns of Drusus, brother of the emperor Tiberius. The last camp to be found in the region was at Anreppen, in 1968. Olfen is one of the smaller camps to be found, 230m by 250m.”