From the CLASSICISTS mailing list:

Call for Papers

Envisioning Landscapes: Adaptation & Renewal

22 June 2012

University of Liverpool

Landscape features prominently in perceptions and interpretations of the
past. Whether depicting a specific location in its own right, or providing
a backdrop for historical action, the physical environment pervades modern
reconstructions of past places, peoples and events. Thus, just as rural
and urban landscapes are active in the construction of memory in the lived
environment, historical landscapes play a crucial role in shaping present-
day conceptions of the past. It is the purpose of this colloquium to
investigate how newly envisioned landscapes shape our understandings of the
past, and how these understandings impact upon and transform physical
landscapes in turn.

We welcome contributions that address – but are not limited to – one or
more of the following questions:

  • How are past landscapes visualised in modern re-imaginings of historical
    events, peoples and places?
  • What ideas about the past are conveyed through representations of urban and
    rural environments?
  • How do specific features of the historical landscape – e.g. buildings,
    monuments, natural phenomena – continue or change as they move between
    media and across time?
  • How and why do particular historical landscapes lend themselves to
    conversations about contemporary society, politics and culture through
    their representation?

Please submit 200 word abstracts for 25 minute papers by e-mail to Dr Fiona
Hobden (f.hobden@liv.ac.uk) and Dr Damien Kempf (kempf@liv.ac.uk) by the
deadline of 15th February 2012.

We have funds available to cover local accommodation and conference costs.

This interdisciplinary colloquium is supported by the Faculty of Humanities
and Social Sciences, University of Liverpool.