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According to this report from archaeologist Hafed Walda’s first-hand inspection, it seems that most of the sites in Libya have escaped the tragic civil war (and welcomed overthrow of Gaddafi) relatively unscathed. Also there has been a recovery of “hundreds” of the over six thousand coins that were stolen (in an apparently inside job) from the bank vault in Benghazi early in the revolt (listed in the article title as “some old coins”, I’m not sure that the loss of a 6600 coin hoard is that insignificant). Another interesting thing we learn from this article is that “confusion in the country in the first weeks of the revolt may have contributed to the reappearance” of a looted 1st century bust from Sabratha was recovered in Italy; Carabinieri are now investigating where it has been in the interim.

Archaeologist grateful NATO raids spared Libyan ancient sites, but some old coins stolen – The Washington Post:

Walda, speaking at the American Academy in Rome at a conference on saving cultural heritage in crisis areas, said he had visited sites in the country’s west in late September, and all had “so far seen no visible loss”.

(Via Washington Post.)