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Via Ancient World Online, a pointer to this site within Perseus. It’s an index to all the journal articles on Classics in JSTOR. Every word in the journal articles is indexed and weighted and the 50 highest used terms in each theme are shown, with a “tag cloud” style format so larger and darker words are more important. For each theme there’s a graph that shows the frequency over time.

Being a fully-trained and experienced software engineer (that’s actually my pre-classics-M.A. background), I do love to see interesting data visualisation, information organisation and other ‘digital classics’. Here for example is a screen grab I just took of contrasting themes and you can see the first one was popular a fair time ago and the second one much more recent in origin:
Thematic index screen shot of JSTOR

Thematic Index of Classics in JStor:

This site is an automatically generated index of themes in a collection of more than 130,000 research articles archived in JStor. For each theme, you can browse articles associated with that theme, with links directly to the text of the articles in JStor. You can also view temporal trends in publication for the theme, organized by journal.