For those interested in sending an abstract for this colloquium the deadline is:
15 December 2011

War as Spectacle
Open University
Milton Keynes
15 June 2012

This one day symposium will explore the theme of war as spectacle in classical antiquity and its reception in subsequent centuries, down to the present day. We are hoping to stimulate debate and address the following issues:

  • How and why was war conceptualized as a spectacle in our surviving ancient sources?
  • How has this view of war been adapted in post-classical contexts and to whatpurpose?
  • Modern applications of the theme in current debates (including the spectacle of war propaganda and modern ways of reporting on wars).

We are looking for papers or panel submissions which will engage in innovative and exciting ways with this theme. These can include, but are not limited to the way the theme was explored:

  • In ancient Greek and Latin Literature
  • In ancient material culture
  • The reception of the theme in adaptations/re-creations of classical models

Abstract length: up to 500 words
Deadline: 15 December 2011
Contact: Dr Anastasia Bakogianni