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What an extraordinary passage to find in the middle of a battle scene:

tantusque fuit ardor animorum, adeo intentus pugnae animus, ut eum motum terrae qui multarum urbium Italiae magnas partes prostravit avertitque cursu rapidos amnes, mare fluminibus invexit, montes lapsu ingenti proruit, meno pugnantium senserit

and such was the ardor of their minds, and so intent were they on the battle, that an earthquake which overthrew large portions of many towns of Italy, turned the course of rapid-flowing streams, carried the sea into rivers, and pulled down mountains in mighty landslides, was not felt by any of the fighters

Livy, Ab Urbe Condita 22.5.8 – The battle of Lake Trasimene, in which Hannibal defeats the consul ferox G. Flaminius.