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I get really upset when people from overseas desecrate Australia’s natural heritage (e.g. climbing all over Uluru, why is this still allowed anyway?, or stealing rocks from it, taking items from National Parks for souvenirs, stealing birds reptiles and mammals, etc), and what little cultural heritage it possesses; and so I also feel sadness when my own fellow citizens pull a stupid stunt like this. I despair the state of this country’s attitude to the cultural heritage of the rest of the world: and it’s reflected in the shallowness of the self-centred nature of most of Australia’s body politic and the media which reports on it (which in turn is only reflecting the general population’s complete self-absorption). It’s like the rest of the world hardly exists – and if it does, it’s just some playground to be trashed in a (usually) drunken haze of pointlessly vacuous self-congratulation. Thanks for reinforcing our national stereotypes, you alcohol-sodden yobbos.

If the plaque can’t be removed safely it should suffer damnatio memoriae – that is, have the message ablated off.

BBC News – Hadrian’s Wall experts mull removing illegal plaque:

The plaque reads: ‘In memory of Nick White, from your Aussie mates’, and bears the date August 2010.