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BBC News – Thieves loot Greece’s Ancient Olympia museum:

Armed robbers have stolen dozens of artefacts from a Greek museum dedicated to the history of the early Olympics.

Two masked men smashed display cabinets and took more than 60 objects after overpowering a guard at the museum in Olympia, officials said.

If you read a little further into the article you’ll see that Greek museums are short 1500 guards because of government budget cuts. This is what “austerity” does – it doesn’t solve problems, it creates them. Germany and France are forcing the Greeks “to take their medicine” for their former profligacy. However Germany in particular — as an export-driven economy — has benefitted from the low Euro value that the Greek crisis precipitated. They weren’t asking questions when they were still selling BMWs in Greece. Not every economy can be like Germany’s. If the Europeans really want a properly federated Euro zone, they have to face the fact that the richer regions have to subsidise the poorer regions. It’s what happens in Australia – Tasmania and South Australia get far more money back than they put in. It’s a necessity to have a functional federation.