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Of course this was going to happen. sigh

Robert Fisk: Syria’s ancient treasures pulverised – The Independent:

Reports from Syrian archeologists and from Western specialists in bronze age and Roman cities tell of an Assyrian temple destroyed at Tell Sheikh Hamad, massive destruction to the wall and towers of the citadel of al-Madiq castle ā€“ one of the most forward Crusader fortresses in the Levant which originally fell to Bohemond of Antioch in 1106 ā€“ and looting of the magnificent Roman mosaics of Apamea, where thieves have used bulldozers to rip up Roman floors and transport them from the site. Incredibly, they have managed to take two giant capitols from atop the colonnade of the “decumanus”, the main east-west Roman road in the city.

Brace yourselves for a outpouring of antiquities from these sites appearing on the market. Apparently there is a flood of objects already appearing in Turkey and Jordan.