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  1. Endnotes blow big dirty chunks. They are anti-reader. Please, do not ever use endnotes, I don’t care how venerable your journal is and how long its been in business and how many decades you’ve used end-notes. Get rid of them. Footnotes only. If you hate the look of footnotes at the bottom of the page, too bad, don’t have any notes (or use an inline style, like MLA).
  2. That old style of referencing, e.g. ‘Burck., op. cit. 32ff’ … no, a thousand times no! I’m interested in this reference. Now I have to search through all your references backwards from this reference because you may have quoted several works by someone like Burck. Again, it’s anti-reader. Stop it.
  3. Use a variation of Author:Date format, inline or footnoted, it’s not important, like this: ‘Author YEAR: page’ … then attach a bibliography (particularly after I read your article and realise it is only of marginal interest to my own research but I nonetheless want to raid your bibliography).

Thanks ever so much,

A frustrated PhD student.

(Greece & Rome, I’m looking at you especially)