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Can’t work out the root form of a irregular Latin conjugation? Confused as to whether it’s a 3rd declension neuter plural or a 1st declension feminine ablative .. or even nominative? Is that 1st/2nd pl. dative or ablative, or a 3rd m/f sing. genitive? Know how to parse the form, but don’t know the vocabulary?

Well, there’s an App for that!

I’ve written an iOS app for iPhone (4, 4s, & 5, with iOS 6) called LatinOWL. It is available for free. It allows you to lookup any inflection of a Latin word, find the root form, and select the dictionary entry. The data comes from Perseus.

You can read more about it at this link: http://inlustre.net/latinowl/.

Or, just get it straight from the App Store.

There is a much more powerful (but not free) iPad version in the works. There are no plans for Android versions.