For those people who’ve had kind words about LatinOWL, and for the several hundred of you who have already downloaded the App, thank you very much! Here are some links, if you want to say up to date with the latest on the App’s development (especially for those of you who have asked about an iPad version), or if you have questions or support issues.

For the several people asking about the iPad version, there’s a little way to go before it will be ready for me to upload to the App Store. I will probably put it up in the store once I’ve got the search history working to my satisfaction (for example: filtering out bad searches!). I actually used the iPad version on the weekend to help me while I was doing some translation and using it “in anger” is one of the best ways to work out what needs to be fixed in order to be usable in a basic sense.

There are some other features, such as much prettier formatting of the dictionary entry on the right hand side, that also need to be added. The very plain formatting works on the iPhone version because of the lack of space, however on the iPad it needs more legible formatting. I’ve also got some ideas to use the XML dictionary versions from Perseus rather than HTML but this would require more processing (and more programming on my part) before it can be displayed. I’m also thinking heavily about “pre-loading” the dictionary when you do the search so the entries appear almost “instantly”. However instead of waiting until I get every little last thing done, what I’ll do is release the initial version and try to push regular updates (as iOS users will know, updates are free once you buy the App). There’ll be more updates however as I add more features.

In the meantime, to whet your appetites, here are some screenshots of the current development version of the iPad version.

  • LatinOWL 4 iPad search results with a selected entry:

  • LatinOWL 4 iPad search entry popover:

  • LatinOWL 4 iPad previously searched history list: