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My latest support email to the Mekentosj Papers support – who rarely answer support emails anyway. They don’t dare have a public forum like nearly every other software company because it would be flooded with complaints. This particular complaint applies to Papers version 2, which I had to go back to after I found Papers 3 to be unusable junk. Turns out the same thing applies to the Papers 2 version. I wonder how much other research articles it has managed to disappear? I’m sick of it. I want my money back. I’m going to sick a lawyer onto them for the 70 euro refund just from the principle of the thing.

If your data integrity is shite then it doesn’t matter diddly squat how many dancing gizmos and nice icons your so-called beautiful interface has. I want a research database that doesn’t lose articles then insists the article is still in its database when it’s plainly not.

I found today a citekey reference for [an] item in an oldish article using a cite key, that clearly I [once] had [in my papers database]. I even found the article title in a manually list of references in the article.

I looked for the article in the Papers 2 database. Nothing.

Then I searched for the article in JSTOR using Papers. It didn’t find it. Papers search is unreliable, terribly unreliable, so I went manually to JSTOR and found the article. Pasted the JSTOR URL into a new browser window of Papers. Imported OK. Then I decided the easiest thing would be to assign the original citekey to the item. Edited the article’s details.

Changed the citekey. Papers warns me there is an item with the same citekey in the database already!

Looked at the list of every item in the papers2 database sorted by citekey. The citekey is not to be found in the database. Conclusion: Papers database corrupted again.

I just paid for an “upgrade” to Papers3 and that was unusable for other reasons (Citations busted). I’ve paid for your product (Papers2) twice. I want my money back. Every time I open it, there’s some new random problem with it. You don’t answer your support calls. Everything about your product is is either junk or corrupt or broken or a black hole which you never answer questions about serious problems.

I want my money back. Give me my money back or talk to my lawyers.